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Keep Your Business Secure

Keeping your business safe is a consistent issue on any commercial corridor, but in the last year the area around Eastern Market has seen over 220 thefts from properties, higher than any other crime category. As we work to increase sidewalk/alley lighting and work with Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) to continue making the neighborhood safer, EMMS wants to ensure that you have the right tools in hand to protect your business and your employees.

We strongly encourage all business owners and managers to take advantage of DC's Private Security Camera Rebate Program, which is a rebate for businesses to purchase and install security camera systems on their property and register them with MPD. The program provides a rebate of up to $200 per camera, with a maximum rebate of up to $750 for commercial properties. Visit for details.

In addition, EMMS Technical Assistance Grants can be used for items like additional security cameras, motion sensor lighting, alarm and anti-theft installations, etc. The next grant cycle will open in Fall 2019.

Need assistance or have questions?

Contact or 202-853-9810.


The level of professionalism exhibited by Local Locksmith Olympia company is truly commendable. We recently enlisted your services for a security audit, and the insights provided were invaluable. Thank you for going above and beyond to enhance our business's security.


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Ricardo Timithy
Ricardo Timithy
Feb 28, 2022

Whenever you want to secure your office, always choose mobile locksmith san francisco experts because they install CCTV cameras, alarm systems, etc to avoid crime incidents.

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