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Work smarter, not harder: co-working on Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill can mean a variety of things to people in DC, from picturesque row houses to the Legislative Branch of the U.S. government, but we’ve got a new definition for you – co-working hub.

In the last ten years, DC has experienced an uptick in entrepreneurs, small businesses artists, and makers, as well as the spaces that attract them (maker studios, communal commercial kitchens, incubators, accelerators, etc.), but one thing is certain - co-working is about more than shared location. These spaces foster creativity and collaboration while offering flexibility and benefits to a wide range of businesses and organizations… and Eastern Market Main Street now has three different options!

With the Cove and The Yard: Eastern Market, as well as Realignment Studio’s new “Realign Work”, businesses and individuals can benefit from unique co-working spaces in a neighborhood that boasts great access to public transportation, amazing restaurants, a variety of health and wellness options, a cluster of small, local retail and service businesses, and more.

Come work on Capitol Hill, on your terms!


Cove, located at 611 ½ Pennsylvania Ave SE, is a local neighborhood spot that offers the perfect environment for productivity—free from the chaos of the coffee shop and the isolation of working from home.

Prices vary from $30/day to $209/month and can include:

  • Wifi, printing, and scanning

  • Specialty coffee

  • Reservable conference rooms

  • Call boxes and mail services

  • Dedicated locker

  • Learn more at

The Yard: Eastern Market

The Yard is a premiere office space and co-working community designed to support business growth with locations in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, and now D.C. Their office collective includes universal 24/7 access to beautiful custom spaces, giving you maximum flexibility with minimum maintenance.

Located in the new 700 Penn development, their newest location combines private and shared workspaces with stunning lounges, conference rooms and common areas to inspire collaborative conversation. With beautiful views of the city and close proximity to prime retail, restaurants and the nation’s capital, this location will cultivate a productive, inspiring work environment for D.C.’s entrepreneurial community.

Memberships vary from $35/day to $550/private office and include:

  • High speed wifi and printing

  • Complimentary coffee and tea

  • Rotating art gallery

  • Ergonomic chairs from Knoll

  • 24/7 Keycard Access

  • Meeting rooms

  • Rooftop Lounge

  • Storage options

  • The Yard Network

  • Wellness program

  • Learn more at

Realign Work at Realignment Studio

Held on Fridays at Realignment Studio (641 Pennsylvania Avenue SE), Realign Work is a co-working event designed to encourage mindfulness during your work day. Realignment Studio encourages regular movement & mind breaks, be it a personal yoga practice, seated meditation or even a power nap.

Single day is $40 and includes:

  • Reliable, high-speed internet connection.

  • Access to printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine.

  • Complimentary coffee, tea, and treats. Full size refrigerator and freezer to store your lunch or smoothie ingredients. Blender available for your use!

  • Twice-daily mini movement & meditation breaks led by Realignment Studio teachers. The 10-15 minute sessions are optional.

  • The 12:00pm Vinyasa (Power) class

Realign Work sessions have a maximum of 10 people to provide equal space for quiet, community, creativity, and productivity to flow. Pre-register to save your spot! Purchase a 3-pack for $108 and get your fourth session FREE! Sign up online at or email with any questions.


Already working in the neighborhood and ready to explore? Check out our business directory to find your new favorite lunch spot, dry cleaner, book shop, nail salon, and more.

Learn more about Eastern Market Main Street here.

Questions? Contact us.


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