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A Message from Eastern Market Main Street

We are living through uncertain times; and the staff and board of directors at Eastern Market Main Street (EMMS) sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

Rest assured, we will get through this unpredictable period together.

As long as we believe that our operations can be conducted in a safe and responsible manner, we intend to keep our doors open to serve our community; and our Executive Director is committed to walking the corridor to assist small businesses anyway he can. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate this rapidly evolving situation alongside federal and local agencies, health organizations, our retail partners and our community.

There are many ways to still support small businesses during this outbreak:

  • Purchase a gift card now to use at a later date (any dollar amount counts!)

  • Order online and use delivery service

  • Virtual community experiences/activations

  • Facetime/Instagram/Virtual shopping services

  • Check in on your favorite business owner and ask how you can help, or let them know you are thinking about them (it’s the little things that mean a lot)

  • Continue to follow CDC advice on containing the spread of COVID19 and stay home if you are sick

For our small business owners, assistance is available:

  • The DC City Council is proposing (and expects to pass) emergency legislation on March 17th: “This emergency and temporary act would make a number of changes to the law to assist the District government with providing an effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also aims to provide relief to District residents who may face work stoppage due to a quarantine or actual sickness by providing some level of wage replacement. The legislation also seeks to provide relief to affected businesses by authorizing the Mayor to establish a grant program to issue funds to affected small businesses during the public health emergency.” We will disseminate additional information as it becomes available.

  • U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Guidance for Business

  • Small Business Grants from DSLBD, Eastern Market Main Street, and American Express

  • EMMS staff are available for 1-on-1 small business counseling, as are SBA local resource partners

Additionally, EMMS will be promoting local businesses during the Cherry Blossom season and has a schedule of events planned for the year to help promote the community.

Visit our website or contact us at to request additional details or to schedule a meeting.

Best regards,

Charles McCaffrey

Executive Director, Eastern Market Main Street


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