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Increase Your Senior Savvy

Did you know that seniors, people aged 65 and over, hold an estimated 70% of all the disposable income in the United States? Your business could be well-served by paying attention to this growing consumer group.

In Washington, D.C., seniors represent an estimated 12% of the population with another 16%, aged 50-64, behind them. The proportion of these ages groups is increasing and, in Capitol Hill, their numbers exceed neighborhood averages for the District. As a neighborhood-serving corridor, EMMS businesses such as yours have an opportunity to succeed by engaging seniors and making aging feel a little easier.

Get started with these best practices for senior-savviness and create a more welcoming space for all ages in the process:

Spatial Practices:

  • Adequately light entrances and exits;

  • Ensure doors are easily to open or automatic;

  • Keep exterior and interior pathways clear;

  • Install non-slip surfaces and sturdy railings;

  • Offer a place to wait with seating;

  • Provide wheelchair accommodations; and

  • Make your restroom as accessible as possible.

Engagement Practices:

  • Greet customers and offer assistance with respect;

  • Adjust noise levels to allow for easy conversation;

  • Offer drop off and pick up, online and phone orders, and delivery;

  • Use a clean font and good contrast on materials and make a large font option available;

  • Design websites for easy navigation and fewer clicks; and

  • Make contact information easy to find online and onsite.

Looking for more? Check out:

Age Friendly DC Toolkit

Have you encountered roadblocks to these best practices? Tell us - we want to help!


This post was written in partnership with Capitol Hill Village whose mission it is to sustain and enrich the lives of seniors and the community of Capitol Hill residents for the long term.

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